Dr Manish Motwani MB ChB, PhD

Dr Manish Motwani is a Consultant Cardiologist at Manchester Heart Institute, UK. He specializes in non-invasive cardiac imaging including cardiac MRI, cardiac CT, echocardiography & advanced nuclear techniques.

He has trained in several world-class academic & clinical centres including the Leeds Institute of Cardiovascular & Metabolic Medicine, UK and Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre in Los Angeles, USA. His PhD thesis studied advanced cardiac MRI techniques in coronary artery disease. He has published extensively in top-tier medical journals, as well as several book chapters. Recent research includes developing applications for machine learning in cardiac imaging data, advanced coronary plaque analysis and other artificial intelligence in medicine techniques. He holds level III accreditation with the SCCT and EACVI, and is CBCCT credentialled. He has been awarded Fellow status to the SCCT, EACVI & SCMR  (FSCCT, FEACVI FSCMR) for scientific & educational contributions to multi-modality cardiac imaging. He has served on CT training accreditation committees for both EACVI & SCCT; and currently serves on the SCCT education committee.

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