Vast imaging library and good teaching.
Amazing cases and great venue. Fantastic instructors with incredible knowledge base. The interactive aspects of the course is brilliant, very creative and innovative.
Well organised and structured course with good speakers and humor.
Very engaging, not dull and the quizes and games kept us awake all day. The football quiz was fantastic.
The course content was slightly challenging but in a good way. Very good complete and lots of cases with excellent quizes.
Supported time spent going through cases.
Comprehensive and very engaging, carefully planned and very good and engaging faculty. It was intense and challenging but at the same time a lot of fun.
Great library of cases, enthusiastic teachers and well paced copntent.
I really like almost everything. Quite amazed with the improvement sun my CT skills.
Practical hands on and interesting cases. Brilliant course.
Case mix, volume and uplifting faculty. Quality interaction. I loved the quizes – world cup, media, venue and catering
Best course ever attended on many levels. Thank you.
Great course, brilliant use of competitions (world cup, CT jeopardy) to make learning fun. Great work.
Well organized course
Huge library of cases, highly competent and very dedicated teachers that is always in a good mood.
The course content was slightly challenging but in a good way, stretching and gaining new knowledge whilst being supported.
The quizes to keep it interesting and the approachable faculty
Easily the best course I’ve had the pleasure of attending. Very handson and interesting didatic lectures with independent workstations. Time keep things fresh. Great cases throughout.
Extensive library, good cases and medmastery access.
Good lectures, many good cases. I will definitly recommend this course to colleuges.
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